It’s a very hard thing when you’re a writer and nothing comes to you. It feels as though all the words inside you, that are normally fighting their way out, have left you and you don’t know if they will ever be back.

I’m not a published author, but I hope to be. My dream is write a memoir and a fiction series. I’m currently going to school for my B.A. in Journalism and am taking a couple Creative Writing and English classes.

Every other week for class we have 5-7 page assignments due. They can be about anything as long as they fit within our genre. The choices were Fiction, Poetry, or Non-Fiction. I chose non-fiction because of the field I want to go in, journalism. I’ve written several reporter-like pieces, as well as memoir style pieces. I’m trying to branch out into possibly a historical submission.

However, it doesn’t look like I’ll be branching out into anything as it feels like the whole tree is about to fall down. My words won’t form, I can’t feel the direction of the piece, I don’t even know what the piece is yet and it’s scaring me because I don’t want it to ever go away.


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. That was a very nice piece – and it was about writer’s block! I write fiction mainly and I usually never run out of ideas to write about, but I do get writers block when the story gets to complicated and I just kind of give up… lol. I wish I could offer you some advice, but when it comes to non-fiction I’m never really sure! Good luck!!


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