Being a Team Player

I’ve always said I’m not a team player, that I’m a leader. I don’t like being dependent on others to make things done, so I suppose that means I don’t want to be a leader either. I’m one of those people who just wants to do it myself so I can make sure it gets done the right way.

In my Creative Writing class, every other Wednesday we have to post an original submission. Then, the following Sunday we have to revise the work of our peers.

In my workshop, there’s a fellow who is always late. Last week he didn’t post until Sunday evening. The week before that he didn’t post until Saturday night.

I’ve been late one time, and that was because I was in the emergency room and I let him and my instructor know. He doesn’t seem to care that there are other people who will be affected by him deciding he just doesn’t feel like doing it.

I don’t want to spend my Sunday evenings checking Canvas repeatedly until his submission is finally there. I’m a huge football fan, as is most of my family. We like to do things together. I like to go places on the weekends and enjoy myself, not be stuck at home because he refuses to turn his assignments in when they’re due.

I’ve considered that there may be something going on in his family, but he’s been like this since the second week of the semester.

Just a vent. It irritates me.



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