Well, the election is done, Thanksgiving is over, and now there is Christmas.

But wait!

Today begins that lovely week that I wish didn’t exist. Finals week. And before the finals can even be taken, there’s a lovely writing assignment due for each class. What I have been doing all this time since my last post, you may ask.

Well, to be completely honest, I was attempting to do my assignments while be distracted by the remaining seasons of Grey’s Anatomy I had to get through before I was caught up (and now I’m stuck for a month and a half waiting on the next new episode) and sleeping. ALSO, I got a new job. (:

But all of that is besides the point. This is supposed to be a happy time of the year, spent with family and filled with joy. But not only is my family not joyful, I live where it’s sunny all the time and never below 50 degrees, usually around 74. It doesn’t feel like Christmas, it doesn’t look like Christmas.

So instead, I’m drowning myself in Christmas music, trying to get in the spirit while once again pushing my assignments to the side.

I hope everyone else is having a better holiday season than I!


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