All semester, I’ve been taking this class and feeling like I was doing awful. I’m taking the class online and once the assignment is graded, you can see scoring information. It shows the average score, the high and the low. So all semester, I’ve been above the average, but below the high most times. So today was the last day to take the final. I went in at 3ish pm and was super stressed because I didn’t really study because I felt like I was going to fail either way because I haven’t retained shit from that class. So I’m in there for nine minutes. NINE. I finish the test, go over all my answers and there were some I was unsure of, but whatever. Sitting there wasn’t going to make the information come back to me. So I just clicked submit and was scared to even look at the grade. I ended up getting an 86.

So I get home, decide to check out the test, see which questions I missed. I didn’t know if it was going to show grading information since it was the final, but it did. I have the high score. The average was a 76 and the low was a 58. SO ALL SEMESTER, I’VE BEEN DOING JUST FINE AND I HAVE THE BEST SCORE ON MY FINALS. So, now I’m convinced the rest of the people were cheating the entire time, just looking for all the answers in the textbook and using google. When it really mattered, I pulled through and I just want to laugh at them all because I was so stressed out for no reason. Anywho, I passed my philosophy class will an A, so I still have my 4.0, woohoo!

I still don’t recommend anyone ever take a Philosophy class, ever.


3 thoughts on “Philosophyyyy

  1. In the end it’s only between you and the future you.

    I have had similar experiences. Really smart ass people in my class score high on the coursework but get lower marks on the exam. Unfortunately, the educational system promotes the “find ways to submit before deadlines” also and that leads to people just copying stuff from the solutions rather than understanding the Philosophy (this was not meant to be a pun on your course ๐Ÿ˜…) behind learning the thought process.

    Congratulations on your achievement though ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

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    1. I really had a difficult time in that course. It had me very stressed and between the stress from that class and work I was feeling extremely depressed. I know it’s crazy to say a class had me depressed but I just wasn’t myself during that time.
      Anyway, I love puns and thank you for the congratulations, seeing the scores after the exam was definitely the light at the end of that tunnel.

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      1. Classes do get me depressed. I am a Masters student so everything is pretty extreme in every course. I try to focus on the topics the Prof stresses on again and again. They get a โญ๏ธ rating in my copy (HAS to be important) then some stuff is what the Prof assumes we know and we don’t know jack about it and pretend like we do it. That gets an Exclamation mark in my notes (MUST do it myself). If I lose even one class, I get left so much behind or I start feeling behind.

        I made Mindmaps only on the particularly volatile topics of my courses last semester. Maybe go for that, for any course that is giving you a hard time? There are even apps to make a Mindmap with. You can print it out and have loads of information across many slides summed up in one beautiful mess. โ˜บ

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