There are two different types of managers. There are managers who like you as a person and value you as an employee, and then there are the managers who don’t care what your first name is and don’t even notice that you’re busting your ass at work. I work for both those types of managers. I woke up sick as hell, throwing up, fever, dizzy, body aches. I call into both jobs, say that I’m super sick but if they need me there I’ll be there. I work for a bookstore and a restaurant by the way. The bookstore was like, no, we don’t need you. Take the day to get some rest and feel better. I was like, fantastic. Now, I still work the night shift at this food service job.

Let me ask y’all a question, does anyone want someone who is sick with the flu or a stomach bug working around your food? Even if the sick person isn’t touching your food, they’re in close quarters with it.

So, this food service job was like nope, you need to be here. You won’t be handling the food, so I don’t see what the issue is.

I’m sitting over here like, how is the bookstore more worried about my temporary illness than this place that serves food to hundreds of customer? It’s just so backwards and the difference is all in the managers.

It’s bothering me, so here is this post.


What do you think?

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