My Little Peanut

I had my first ultrasound yesterday. It was definitely eventful.

When I called to schedule my appointment, the lady told me to drink 32 oz. of water an hour and a half beforehand and not to eat anything. Well, as a pregnant lady, if I don’t eat something in the morning, I’m going to get sick. As soon as I got out of the truck at the doctors, all the water I drank came back up in the parking lot. I felt fine, just can’t go about my day on an empty stomach.

Finally,  I sign in and the ultrasound tech calls me back. I’m 10 weeks and 1 day, so I knew there wasn’t going to be much to see. My fiance and my sister went with me. My niece is two, so my sister has been through the whole pregnancy thing. The whole time I was looking at the screen and couldn’t really tell what anything was. Then I saw my little peanut. He/She was so small. They took measurements and everything and now I’m waiting until Tuesday to hear back on how the baby is doing.

I still don’t really feel pregnant. My belly is a bit puffy. I have a pretty slim build so I’m noticing the changes, but no one else can really tell. I’m excited to start getting bigger and feeling the baby kick and everything. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a boy or girl, I just want a healthy baby.