Exploring The Minute Aspects Of Pregnancy – Part I

Living in Florida, I’ve been a bit too excited for summer. Yet I am also dreading it. Most of our days have been reaching 90 degrees and the official start of summer isn’t for a month still. Being pregnant in the summer in Florida, according to my sister, is the worst possible thing that could happen to a woman. I’m super excited though because the new place my fiance and I moved into has a pool!

One would think with 90+ degree weather, the water would be relatively warm in a medium size underground pool. One would be wrong. Now, it’s not freezing, but there’s a certain part of a woman’s body that is super sensitive during the changes that come with pregnancy. Yes, I’m talking about the nipples. I was in the pool with my sister and niece and I swear it felt like they were bleeding. Turns out my nipples were just too cold. It took a while to warm back up and the pain to go away. I’ve never had that happen before, and I was swimming at the beach during the “winter months” before I was even pregnant. I definitely learned my lesson: don’t stay in cold water for too long and never assume you had noticed all the changes in your body!!


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