Exploring The Minute Aspects Of Pregnancy – Part II

The food. Dear God. All I want to do is eat food.

When I hit about 6 and a half weeks, I woke up one morning and puked over the side of my bed. I stood up to go clean myself up and wipe off the floor, threw up again. I walked outside to get some air, ran back to the kitchen and puked again. I could eat or drink anything as it would just come right back up. The trash can lived in my room for the day. I got the money together to go get my anti-nausea medication from the pharmacy and it saved my life. Now, I’m rarely ever nauseous and all I want to do is eat.

I don’t just want to eat food, I want to see food. I watch Food Network in my free time. I DVR Food Network shows to watch when my boredom gets the best of me. If I’m feeling hungry and don’t want to cook, I watch Food Network instead. My “cravings” have been large in variety and strangeness.

Three weeks ago, my life was about pizza rolls with buttermilk ranch. About a week and a half ago, all I wanted were salads or pickles. Now, it’s many different things. Many different unhealthy things. Sour cream and cheddar Ruffles, Redhots, Hot Fudge Sundae poptarts, and honey roasted peanuts. As I write this my fiance is currently polishing off the last can of peanuts and is about to get sent to the store for some more.

Those are my big snack foods. I also always want any fruits and vegetables. I’ve always liked fresh fruits and veggies and now I can’t keep them in the fridge to save my life. I buy them and they’re gone before the day is over.

The worst part about my sudden food addiction is that I get mean if I don’t get something that I want. It’s horrible. I’ll be such a bitch if I go into the kitchen to get something and we are out of it. I can’t wait for this part of things to go away. I don’t how irritated food can make me now!

I’ll find out at my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday how much weight I’ve gained since my last appointment a month ago. My lower abdomen feels a bit poofy, but it’s also super hard. Maybe the beginning of my baby bump?


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