Catch Up

So, it’s been a very long time since I posted anything on here. After my miscarriage and the ending of my relationship with the would be father, I focused on classes and started a new job. Shortly after that, I began another job. I’m now just working at one job and classes start next semester.

In August, I found a job. I hadn’t been working since my pregnancy because Thomas was covering all the bills. After we split, it was just me so I had to figure something out. The job was going well, my manager was laid back and my coworkers did what they needed to do and all was well. When I started there, I met someone. He was probably the nicest person there and the first person who really took the time to make me feel welcome there. There was flirting and then the wondering of whether it was actually flirting or just humorous conversation between coworkers. All was made clear when he asked me to dinner in October, and we’ve been dating since.

Around November, my hours were starting to be cut and with Christmas and all coming up, I needed a second job. I started there shortly after Thanksgiving, on the weekends working an overnight shift. All was well until my manager at my first job found out that I was working somewhere else. Keep in mind that I told my store manager that I was getting a second job because they were unable to give me more hours. Also, my schedules didn’t interfere with one another, at first. My manager began scheduling me every day of the weekend, so I was pulling 4 16-hour days a week. It was fine at first because I wasn’t taking classes or anything. It wasn’t. My manager was just being rude at this point about everything so I put in my two weeks because there was no way I was going to be able to function when the new semester came around, plus my second job offered to give me a raise and make me full time with the opportunity for overtime.

So now I’m working at an amazing job, where my sister also works, making a lot more money than I was making before and much happier. Those around me are also happier as I’m not tired and cranky all the time.

Brett and I are also doing well. We did Thanksgiving with his parents. I worked Christmas, but we did a get together on New Year’s Eve and did a gift exchange and such then. We also went to Brett’s graduation together. He graduated with his Master’s in Logistics Engineering on December 16th. We went to dinner with my grandfather when he visited from North Carolina. They hit it off instantly as my Aunt Jessica is also in Logistics. I feel well about this, we haven’t been rushing anything and the conversations are great. We shall see.

In the spirit of New Year’s, my resolution is to contribute more to my blog. I’m excited to see what this year has in store.